The Munich Stachus Car Park is located in the very centre of the city, right next to Karlsplatz (Stachus). Close by is the Mathäser Multiplex Cinema, as well as numerous shops and restaurants in the surrounding area. The Stachus Car Park is only a few minutes' walk from the central railway station and the German Theatre.   

Short-stay tariffs

20 minutes

Up to 1 hour

Each additional hour

Daily price cap

Loss of parking ticket

Theatre rate (prepaid)   

€   1.00

€   3.50

€   3.50

€ 20.00

parking fee + € 20.00 extra charge

€   7.00

Long-term parking space rental rates on request    

Payment options


Opening times                                                                 Counter manned

Open 24/7                                                                                 monday        09:00 to 22:00 h

thuesday      09:00 to 23:00 h

wednesday  09:00 to 23:00 h

thursday       09:00 to 23:00 h

friday            09:00 to 24:00 h

saturday       09:00 to 24:00 h

sunday          10:00 to 22:00 h

Car park

Type of property

Vehicle height restriction

Number of parking spaces

Women's parking spaces

Multi-storey car park

2.10 m



Facilities and services

  • Exit 24/7
  • Video monitoring
  • Staff/control centre
  • Separate area for long-term space rental
  • Lifts
  • Toilets
  • Cash machine
  • Maps of the city (free)
  • Defibrillator (AED)
  • Jump start service
  • Vehicle cleaning

Short-term parking terms and conditions

Rental contract

Acceptance of a parking ticket/driving into the car park constitutes acceptance of a rental agreement with regard to a parking space for a motor vehicle. Neither surveillance nor safekeeping are provided for under the contract.


Rental fee – duration of parking

The rental fee is calculated for every occupied parking space according to the price list displayed. The vehicle can only be collected during the publicised opening times. The longest permitted period for parking is 4 weeks, unless a special agreement has been reached. After this period has been exceeded, the lessor has the right to remove the vehicle at the expense of the lessee, on condition that written warning has been served on the lessee beforehand and has produced no result, or on condition that the value of the vehicle appears not to exceed the value of the rent due. In addition, the lessor is entitled to compensation in accordance with the rental price list until the vehicle is removed. If the parking ticket or ticket for payment on exit has been lost, an elevated rental price, currently set at €20 plus regular parking fee, is to be paid, unless the lessee provides evidence that the vehicle has been parked for a shorter period of time, or the lessor provides evidence that it has been parked for longer.


Liability of the lessor

The lessor is liable for all damage caused by the lessor himself, his employees or his contractors. Liability is not accepted for minor negligence. The lessee is obliged to point out any such damage without delay; obvious damage must be pointed out before the lessee leaves the car park at the latest. The lessor is not liable for damage caused solely by other lessees or other third parties.


Liability of the lessee

The lessee is liable for all damage caused to the lessor or third parties that is demonstrated to be the fault of the lessee himself, his employees, his contractors or persons accompanying the lessee. The lessee is also liable for any deliberate or negligent defilement of the car park.


Right of lien

In accordance with the stipulations made by the lessor as set out in the rental contract, the lessor is entitled to a right of retention as well as a statutory right of lien pertaining to the motor vehicle parked by the lessee. Should the lessee fail to meet the stipulations made by the lessor, the lessor must allow a minimum of 2 weeks to pass between issuing notice of enforcement and enforcing the lien.


Conditions of use

The lessee must follow the road signs and other conditions of use as well as the instructions of the car park staff. The road traffic regulations also apply in addition, where relevant. The lessor is entitled to remove the vehicle from the car park building in the case of imminent danger. Vehicles that are not licensed in accordance with road traffic regulations must not be parked on the car park premises unless by special agreement. The German Highway Code (StVO) applies. Damage by third parties is not covered by the lessor's insurance.